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MLM Board Plan Software

MLM Board Plan Software

The one of most popular International MLM Plan in MLM industry is MLM Board Plan which is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan. In MLM Board Plan a group of affiliates work in a team called Board. Fixed number of affiliates joined a particular board, the specific board splits into two sub-boards (sub-trees) and the top affiliate get some incentive and promoted into next higher board. The MLM Company can set how many numbers of members/ affiliates contained into a board as well as Company can become number of boards to be promoted as per their compensation plan.

Features of MLM Board Plan

  • Integration of Unlimited Board Income
  • Auto splitting of boards
  • Recycling entry system into the board
  • Cross matrix
  • Auto promotion to higher board
  • Qualified board list report
  • Find affiliates board
MLM Board Plan Software